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Bunny X - Young & in Love (The Remixes) Releasing April 15

After releasing the hit album Young & In Love last year, New Yorkers Bunny X asked some of the hottest names in the international electronic scene to reimagine some of the highlights of the album and were truly thrilled with the response they received. Perfect Paradise, remixed by Ricky Wilde, and featuring 80s superstar Kim Wilde as a guest performer opens the album in style.

The remixes go from new jack swing, courtesy of Syst3m Glitch, classic retrowave from Italian artist Le Cast, to complete reworks by The Secret Chord, Maxx Parker, GeoVoc and Mike Haunted.

Spanish producer Uncover takes on Head Rush and this remix, along with Fulvio Colasanto's version, seem destined for the dance floors this coming summer. The incredibly talented Sferro bends the vocals on another variation of Head Rush as well as Sight Telma Club, who's taken a similar approach.

Young & In Love (The Remixes) is yet another impressive milestone in the Bunnies' amazing career so far.

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