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Behind The Song: FAITH (LOST IN SPACE) Kal-Elle Jagger feat. Syst3m Glitch


by Kal-Elle Jagger released in March 2022 on Bandcamp.

Produced by Syst3m Glitch

Mastered by Von Hertzog in SSL Super Analogue at The Social Club

Mike - Pop Art Ave:

Your new single just recently came out and I know you mentioned this was a song you had written a while back that has a lot of meaning to you. Can you explain the background behind this song?


I am happy to get this question. I feel that not everyone delves beyond a beat or general lyrics. Does anyone care or wonder what the inception of a song was? Not every song needs a profound story of its creation, but one might find surprises should they ask like you're doing now.

I first recorded (the original) FAITH in a Queens, New York bedroom/basement studio at 17 in 1988. I don't need to remind you that these were prehistoric/Jurassic landline days, pre-daws, and no internet.

Peter Leone was the same age and a fellow musician-friend of my former self. One Friday night, he invited me over to his place, and FAITH happened in the most cosmic of ways. A spiritual experience.

We finished at around 2 a.m., jumped into his 1988 Pontiac Firebird, and pumped up the volume with the windows down. One of the proudest moments of my former life.

I tried "holding on to the faith" throughout the years by never officially releasing it out of fear of letting it out into the world. But as you know, the saying, "you never know what you got until it's gone." I knew what I had, but I lost it anyway because I had waited too long until this year when Syst3m Glitch helped resurrect it.

I'm not 100% ready to get into the early origin story and the devastating aftermath, but I'm working on a lyric video for The 4th Sector, and I will give a little more backstory to it. I will say that there is always more than meets the eye (and ear). The story behind a song deserves to be acknowledged. To be continued.

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and check out Retro Synth's YouTube video below.