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Bandcamp Friday Returned February 4, 2022

For the past year I've been featuring many musicians that I find on Bandcamp and also try to support them on the special Bandcamp Fridays. In January 2022, I posted the unofficial Bandcamp Friday post to continue my Twitter thread for supporting them.

Yesterday was the official return and it was an amazing turnout! Check out my monthly Twitter post below.

I tried to listen to everyone's music yesterday, but it did become overwhelming. However, I also contacted some of the artists to talk about featuring them on here at some point in the future. Also, there is a lot of music to be found on the Twitter thread alone if you enjoy electronic music or are looking for new genres to get into.

Thanks to Bandcamp for bringing back this awesome day which supports all musicians by waiving their fees, so the artists get all commission of the sale when you make a purchase. I've heard that one Bandcamp sale is much better than 1,000 streams on Spotify.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check the thread on Twitter. I'm sure you will find a new musician making great music that will make your ears happy.