Bandcamp Friday May 2022

Another fun #BandcampFriday for May 2022!

Bandcamp Friday is always such a fun online music event every month. With social media, and especially on Twitter, I have found a ton of awesome music to buy online, and all of the profit goes to the artists.

Every day is a great day to check out Bandcamp as well though because even on the other days of the month they still pay artists a percentage for each purchase of music.

If you are on Twitter, you can check the thread in this article and find many musicians on rock, pop and electronica.

I always try to help support all indie musicians and will start expanding the website to also have #indiepop and #indierock music.

If you are a music fan be sure to save this website for weekly music news, interviews with musicians plus my own YouTube series called The Beat On The Street.

Click here to check it out on YouTube:

Pop Art Ave - Michael Anthony - YouTube

If you are a musician and would like to do written or video interviews, have monthly new releases or music videos then let me know here: Contact | Pop Art Ave

Some of my favorite music is in the many genres of pop, rock and electronica. I will be looking to expand 2 more pages of this website for new releases in pop and rock so feel free to submit any of your Bandcamp links or music videos.

My weekly YouTube show can be watched by clicking here: Pop Art Ave - Michael Anthony - YouTube

Press play below to watch:

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