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Arcana by Czarina - Music & Video

Listening to Czarina’s new album warps me into a place where time doesn’t exist. A place where we go when we dream, and everything feels more real than being awake.

With 3 singles in 2021 that led up to her album release on 2-22-22, this was well worth the wait.

Czarina also came out with multiple videos for her singles which stretched the creative boundaries of her music even more. They are more than a normal “music video” and can be viewed as more of a short film. “Wonderland” won music video of the year at the New York Film Awards.

Before the release, Von Hertzog, who co-produced, mixed and mastered the album, mentioned how big this album was going to be and that only kept up my excitement for it.

The creative films and music all tie together into a world that Czarina has created using her imagination and environment. I can only explain this world as somewhere in a different realm where we all know exists yet are prohibited from. This world is like a combination of ancient times and mythical figures.

At the beginning of the first track on the album, we start with Celestial Satellites which gives us a powerful vibe and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Wonderland brings an energetic feeling and an awesome music video. This track was released prior to the album and gave us a look at what Czarina had in mind for this project.

I remember watching the premiere of Czarina's first music video from this album which was Atomic: Ad Initivm. This was the start of something new in Czarina's new look and vibe for her music.

Check out the video below.

I can go on about every track on the album, but it would be best to check it out on Bandcamp below. Every song has a unique sound and vibe to them. It is awesome to see art and music mixed together the way Czarina with the videos and overall look.

Arcana is available to purchase on digital download and on CD.

Check it all out here ▶︎ Arcana | C Z A R I N A (

or listen on Bandcamp below:

Watch the Wonderland official music video below: