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An Interview with Darlin! The Band + Music Video

Formed in Late 2019, Darlin! The Band is a new Glam Pop Band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Michael Doshier (Vocals), Wesley Estrella (Keys & Bass), Can Guler (Drums) and Ben Moureau (Guitar) form the New York quartet whose plans of bringing purposeful pop to the forefront begins with their dazzling, synthy extract ‘Breathe’ which is out now.

How did you guys come together to form the band?

Well, John, Ben and I were actually in previous bands called The Avalon Hi-Fi and Mind Over Time. We were looking for a vocalist on Craigslist at the time and Michael responded! We had great chemistry, and Michael invited us to play a few shows with him. We performed with Michael at some local spots, supporting his original material. From the moment we hit the stage, the rest was history. – Wes Estrella, synth and bass

The “Breathe” music video has a cool flow and catchy chorus, what was it like making the song and music video?

The song came together really fast. We were jamming on a sequenced synth line and it came together in a matter of minutes. Michael took home the rough recording of it and wrote the vocals and lyrics. We workshopped the song and had different variations but ultimately felt this was the best version. We are so excited to have everyone listen to it. The video was an absolute blast, we had so much fun putting together ideas and choreography to make the video. Phellix and Kate from PheFilms are absolute legends. – W.E.

When did you form the band? I see some more music you guys made on Bandcamp from a few years ago.

We formed the band in 2019 and performed shows into early Jan 2020. When COVID happened, we had to shut down for a while and just work on releasing some of the songs that we have been performing live. We kept working through the pandemic and released several new songs that we are excited about. They have a different vibe than Breathe - moodier, more experimental. Which makes sense because they are our pandemic babies! Breathe feels so important because it feels like a liberation or breath of fresh air from the energy that we have all been feeling the past two pandemic years. – W.E. and Michael Doshier, singer

What is the process like when creating a new song?

I love to listen to the guys jam in the room. I sort of sit and meditate with what they are working on together - watch them bounce ideas off of one another. Listen as it all develops. I find little pockets in their jam sessions where my vocal melody could go. So, then, it is just a shit ton of humming. Then maybe one phrase arrives to me. Then another. Then it doesn't rhyme right, or it doesn't quite fit, so I take it home. And I pull out the notebook, and open GarageBand, and I listen to my little iPhone recording of what they had done that day in the studio, and I get to work making my ideas fit into the box of the song.

I feel like if I wasn't on the pop-star path, I'd love to be an editor. I love getting lost in the puzzle of trying to make something work, trying to cram ideas together efficiently. And I LOVE when it hits you that something you're trying so hard to work just DOES NOT WORK, so you just throw it out, then of course write the thing that DOES work in, like, thirty seconds. It's the best. – M.D.

On what music platforms can we find you on? Are you on social media?

You can find us on all streaming and purchasing services! We are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Our favourite is Instagram.

Are there any announcements you would like to make for future releases? Do you have any shows coming up?

We just released four songs in the past 2 months that highlight our emotions and journeys through the pandemic that we are very proud of. Check them out on your favorite streaming platform, they are called "Next Town Over," "Secret Love," "Way With Words," and "Quarter-Life Crisis." We are looking forward to a very busy spring summer with shows. We are already working on a batch of new songs that we have officially started playing live as of last weekend at Dave's Lesbian Bar. Michael is working on a movie Throuple that involves a few bands from the NYU indie scene, including us! – W.E

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