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Absynth & Static Realms Video Podcast

I've been indoors a lot on Friday nights in 2021 because, besides the fact that life still isn't normal, there have been many great streams and video podcasts that have caught my attention. In this article I want to highlight the Absynth and Static Realms shows on Twitch.

One of my favorite Twitch streams from 2021 has been their weekly episodes. This past Friday Absynth featured many musicians performing a set with special holiday vibes.

The chat during these streams have made the experience even more unforgettable. There have been previous guests on the show, friends from past shows and other streams as well as other musicians and artists all filling up the chat room with fun conversations.

One of my most memorable episodes of Static Realms was the Halloween special and Synthamania which I'll post below. Everyone that has been involved with these productions has been excellent in providing interviews, music videos and new music.

Static Realms also creates many other video streams including: