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After the worldwide success of her debut album ‘Believer’, LAU’s long awaited new material is finally here. ‘Undecided’ is the first single from her highly anticipated sophomore album, due in February 2022.


LAU (AKA Laura Fares), is a prominent figure in the Synthwave and Retrowave scenes has finally gone solo after over a decade of writing Synthwave hits for other artists. 


As it was expected, this track is another fantastically catchy Retrowave/Synthpop single, about falling in love in these pandemic times, dealing with a long distance relationship and the uncertainty of it all. Like a true storyteller (and in a typical LAU style), her lyrics come straight from the heart and are as biographical as they can be.

For ‘Undecided’, she has teamed up once again with American Producer Brian Skeel, with whom she’s worked on her debut album ‘Believer’ and the result is as powerful and infectious as they have us accustomed.


“Irresistible cotton-candy vocal melodies, and electronics that go off like fireworks” - Bandcamp Editorial


“An electropop flame” - Página12


“A beautiful pop masterpiece” - SPE


“One of the big musical surprises this year” - Crónica


“An ambitious album, full of force” - Generative Mag

“It’s human nature to enjoy spectacle, catchy hooks, and nostalgie. This album has all of that in spades” - Tuned Up


“A great mix of pop, retro and synthwave… all her songs shine with catchy melodies and choruses”


“The perfect vocal Retrowave track” - New Retrowave


“Infectiously effervescent” - The Big Takeover


“LAU steps out of the shadows and into the Synthpop spotlight” - KJAG Radio


“Simply Stunning. Her brand of electro-pop is as inviting as it is exciting with a determined message at the heart of its foundations” - Forged in Neon


“80’s-influenced pop melodies, atmospheric synths and a massive dosage of positive vibes’ - V13


“Ultra-catchy piece of electro-pop influenced music, with an infectious synth line, pulsating dance beat and vocal hook after vocal hook” - Mxdwn


“The making of a future classic” - Ghettoblaster


“Bittersweet, intimate and stunning” - Prelude Press


“It feels as comfortable on the dance floor as it does in the middle of an 80s movie” - Kill The Music


“An electro-pop masterpiece” - Vents Magazine

“LAU’s vocals and lyrics are poignant and delivered with a commanding force” - Vehlinggo

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