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GHOSTECH is an electronic recording and performance project by Austin/Dallas Texas based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Seth Bradley. GHOSTECH has risen to international success and carved a cult niche in the Retrowave/Darksynth/Chiptune genre. 
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GHOSTECH is an electronic recording and performance project out of Austin/Dallas/Denton Texas. Carving a cult niche in the Retrowave/Darksynth/Chiptune genre of music, GHOSTECH has risen to international success.

The project was formed in March of 2017 as a collaborative expermintation into Cult Film Sound tracks, Retro sounds of Video Games and Electronic Music.

The first 2018 EP Blood Rose was released in the summer and its single Forever in Hell rose to success overnight and received an outstanding international reception and recognition, as it charted on TL80s and Drive Radio's top ten lists for the week of release within hours of the first single drop. Later the EP was featured on Lazerdiscs Records website and Youtube channel, and the GHOSTECH was featured and in an interview on JJ Chistie's Echosynthetix magazine.

Later in 2019 GHOSTECH released the single Future chase, and it debut to cult success.

GHOSTECH would go on to release a second single in March of 2020 titled Mecha Doomsday.


In October of 2020 the long-awaited full-length album Nightmare Theater was released with great acceptance, as it charted on the first page of Bandcamp's Synthwave/Darksynth/Outrun releases for the week and came to be featured on Synthspria's top releases for Halloween 2020, and featured on the KZL show on NightRide FM, as well as HeartBeatHeros Podcast and music stream, and in November featured on Beyond Synth with Andy Last. The cover art was done by Heavy Metal art designer David Paul Seymor, who has also done art for The Gas Monkey, Muse, Wofat, Monolord, PowerTrip, Mastodon, Hank Williams the 3rd , Minicipal Waste, Sleep, Slayer and many other legendary musical acts.


Another single was released exclusively to Bandcamp, the Horror themed Outrun and Darksynth track The Bottom. GHOSTECH was interviewed in Feb of 2021 on JakSyn's Tour Fiend Youtube channel and later JakSyn featured the GHOSTECH song Amulet of Gold as apart of his San Junipero set.

August of 2021 GHOSTECH released Rerun Undead Volume I EP to great reception and success, as once again the album reached the front page on Bandcamp for the Synthwave/Darksynth/Outrun charts but this time also remaining on the Chiptunes chart for the first time ever throughout the week. It had also made it's way into the honorable mentions chart for electronic music aswell as Austin Texas Releases. Rerun Undead charted as the number #6 best selling release on bandcamp in Austin Texas for the release weekend. All Bandcamp sales were matched by Seth Bradley and donated to a North Texas food bank.


The most recent release in October of 2021, Rerun Undead Volume 2 also made waves on Bandcamp as once again GHOSTECH appeared on the front page of Darksynth/Chiptune, and was also featured as a highlight release on the Austin Texas music chart.

December/January of 2021 the dual release Single Bring Em On and The Bottom came to Bandcamp and all streaming services.

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