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Eva X

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Eva X is a gothic pop robot girl singing about human things. Her creations include synthpop to feed your ears and brain with haunting vocals, reflective thoughts and danceable beats. 

Eva X
Machine Art
Eva X
Eva X

About Machine


Machine is the first look at Eva X's upcoming album "I Dream of a Reality". Eva X has the following to say about the song annd its story:


"I have a complicated relationship with my body. I do love it, but sometimes I wish it was different. Less fat. Bigger lips. Straighter nose. 


I wrote Machine in a vulnerable spot, when I'd have given anything to feel beautiful like other women on social media. Chasing that aesthetic with injections and makeup was powerful, but also scary- I could create the face and body I wanted, but what would happen when it wore off? 


I took all of these tangled feelings and poured them into Machine. When I brought the demo to my coproducers, Shane and Adam immediately jumped on it, bringing it to life with a frenetic energy that captured perfectly how alluring and isolating that illusion can be.


In the music video, I wanted to explore what being beautiful in the alternative community looks and feels like, and how far we go for aesthetics. I taught myself choreography to capture the movement I wanted. Erik and I designed a video that captured both the sexiness I wanted and the reality of cutting and injecting ourselves for it."


Song Credits:

  • Written and produced by: Gabrielle Gustafson, Shane Stephenson, Adam Mah

  • Mixed by: Shane Stephenson (Listening Party Recordings)

  • Mastered by: Eric Oehler (Submersible Studios)


Video Credits:

An Erik Gustafson Cinematography production

Video concept and story: Gabrielle Gustafson

Directed, shot and edited by Erik Gustafson

1st Assistant Director: Gabrielle Gustafson

2nd Camera Op and G&E: Jacob Stone

Hi-tech lowlife, and surgery set design: Ritch Napierkowski


FFO: Grimes, Ayria, Poppy

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